BBQ Chicken Sliders with Apple Coleslaw

Sliders are one of those staples that geniously double as an appetizer or main course. And the addition of Sunrise Magic® apples will put them on menu repeat. This kid-friendly recipe makes it easy to please a crowd, and it’s super customizable for different diets.

Flatbread Pizza with Goat Cheese, Apple & Bacon

Your go-to appetizer is officially here. Make sure you cook double the amount of your original plan because these flatbread pizzas go quick. The irresistible combination of Goat Cheese, Sunrise Magic® Apples and Bacon will keep coming back for more (and asking for the recipe!)

Apple Bundt Cake

The beauty of the bundt pan is that the end result is an evenly cooked delicious cake. This recipe checks all the boxes with a nice, balanced frosting and Sunrise Magic® apples featured front and center.

Apple Berry Trifle

Sunrise Magic® + berries + Mascarpone = 😋☀️The gorgeous sunny color of Washington grown Sunrise Magic® Apples are made for this trio of ingredients that speak for themselves. Trust us, this trifle won’t last long on the table! Check out our suggestions for a dairy-free option.

Apple Pie Crescent Bites

These sweet and simple bites appeal to both kids and adults as a post dinner treat! The delightfully bright and sweet taste of the Sunrise Magic® apple shines as the filling’s star ingredient. While optional, the powdered sugar frosting adds a magical touch.

Apple Jicama Slaw

This is a versatile slaw with so many uses. Perfect for any outdoor occasion, serve it on the side of anything off the grill. With a nice hint of sweetness from Sunrise Magic® apple to help balance the sharpness of the vinegar, this slaw is also a standout as a salad.

Apple Butter Old Fashioned

This recipe was concocted to satisfy the adventurous spirit in all of us. The key to this cocktail is cooking down the Sunrise Magic® apples and creating a robust natural butter to complement the bitters and bourbon. Be sure to save the leftover butter to use as a spread on pancakes, bread, french toast and more!

Sparkling Apple Ginger Cocktail

It’s always nice to elevate a traditional cocktail when entertaining guests. Luckily, the gorgeous color and distinct flavor of Sunrise Magic® apples are all you need to dress up any drink. This apple ginger concoction is the perfect example! Try it with tequila or vodka to suit your preference or mood.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

There is nothing quite like a beautiful sunrise paired with a quick and healthy oatmeal breakfast. The addition of Sunrise Magic® apples will provide the perfect amount of natural sweetness to bring extra zen to this morning classic. Our recipe is easy to adapt to meet various dietary preferences.

Apple Dutch Baby

This is a perfect match for those that enjoy a healthy, but sweet breakfast option. The bright flavor of Sunrise Magic® apples make for standout Apple Dutch Babies and a meal they’ll remember. Our recipe offers substitution suggestions for various dietary restrictions.

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